Dumplings with mushrooms, consommé and crunchy dehydrated galley mushrooms

Dumplings with mushrooms, consommé and crunchy dehydrated galley mushrooms

Ingredients of the Portobello meatballs 125 gr galley mushrooms 13 pieces +- 500 gr shallot 150 gr sunflower oil 5 gr mashed potatoes 100 gr rice flour 1 tablespoon salt to taste

In a casserole put the sunflower oil, fry the shallot cut into brunoise, after two minutes add the Portobello also cut into brunoise, fry the whole and then add the rice flour, salt to taste and when everything is cooked turn off the heat and add the galleys and peeled, stir and heat and cooked, because it is an easy cooking protein. Later on, we can make rodonetes of the size that we like the most.

We advise you, to peel the galley freeze it for about 1 hour flat and in layers, then with a scissors cut the edges and stretch the skin of the body gently.

Crunchy of galleys onion 340 gr garlic 3,5 gr black peppercorns 2 gr laurel 2 uds sunflower oil 5 gr galleys skins 2 kg (or less beautiful galleys) water 4 ltrs salt to the taste.

In a pot add the oil, fry the onion together with the chopped garlic, bay leaf, peppercorns to perfume, once it is golden brown add the crustacean, stir and then add the water and let it boil for about 20 minutes and let it infuse for 20 minutes. Once the infusion time is over, strain the liquid and add salt. For each 250 grams of broth add 50 grams approximately of a starch that could be of yucca, potatoes, etc. Mix the broth with the starch, boil for 2 minutes and spread on baking paper. Bake at 70° 8 hrs. Then fry in sunflower oil, the effect is blown and the frying is fast.