Fideua with octopus carpaccio

Fideua with octopus carpaccio

How to make the fish stock:

Dice the vegetable and saute them until they are golden brown. Add sweet red pepper, the fish and then follow with some cold water. Once  started, leave for around 20 minutes. Then strain it and set aside.

To make the “sofrito”:

Dice the onion, red pepper and ripe tomatoes. Then brown them with a little oil and over a low heat. When cooked we will we grind it all together.

To make the noodles:

Brown the noodles in the oven until they have a dark brown color. Cook in the oven  at 200 degrees.

Once golden, add the noodles to a pan with a little olive oil and add the “sofrito” and cut octopus . Add the fish stock and bring to the boil. Once it starts to boil we will leave it for 5 minutes over high heat and then we will lower it for about 3 minutes until the stock  has finished evaporating. Finally we will leave it in the oven for about 3 minutes.

Once we remove it from the oven, we then sprinkle a little smoked pepper, salt flakes and a drizzle of olive oil. It can be accompanied with aioli. Here’s the recipe for “fideos rossejats” by Restaurant Les Veles.

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Recipe from the Restaurant Les Veles.